a growing draft

  • City Planning
    • Introduction
      • Brief overview of city planning
        • Why do we have this?
        • What forms does this come in?
      • How has food been considered in city planning? Has it?
      • How has urban living transformed our interaction with food?
        • From cradle to car
      • Thesis:
    • Topic One: The City
      • MAP: What does a city look like?
        • SF
      • Where are the people? Where is the food? Is food accessible?
      • Solutions to redesigning a city
        • Dealing with Space: parks, walls & roofs
          • Sustainable landscape architecture
        • How do People Eat?
          • Where is this food coming from? Is there a way we can design the city so they get it from the city & not from wherever the city got it?
        • Stop designing for the car
    • Topic Two: The Suburb
      • MAP: What does a suburb look like?
        • The Grid
        • San Ramon?
        • What are the plots of land? Is land/commons freely available?
      • Solutions to redesigning
        • Know Your Neighbours: raising a village
        • The Plants of Playgrounds: starting with children
        • Group Gardens
    • Conclusion
      • Restate thesis
      • Call to Action, immediate benefit & other ways to contribute
        • Grow your own garden
        • Teach your kids how to cook


If it isn’t obvious, I’m awful at this whole “post once a day” and I certainly lack the tenacity to be self-reflective daily. I think about this blog every day, especially the days that I don’t post. I’m no saint though, I have also succumbed to watching a season of House of Cards and cooking a majority of my dinners to take up most of my time. But I do at least try to think of something new to post, to synthesise, to teach perhaps; yet again and again, I am at a lost. But in these moments of absence, I have been learning at least something. What exactly, I will draw out in latter posts.

I have, however, been able to think about my geography thesis. And I really do mean think about it. I’ve got a premise, a history, a literal vision, an idea, a developing thesis and, most of all, a great support system for its progression. I’ll write something of an skeletal outline later today–promise.

I’ve been trying to tackle various coding projects and ways to learn and I’ve been overwhelmed by everything. So here’s to a new system! I’ve discovered how useful and patient Berkeley’s resources are for an online self-learner. So here’s a rough outline of my summer learning list–which may or (much more likely) will not get completed. But you can’t complete goals if you don’t have any in the first place.

  • Coding
    • CS61A
    • CS61B
    • Eloquent JavaScript
  • Thesis
    • Outline plans for American Studies & Geography Thesis’s
    • Begin research
    • Outline essays

finals are over

After a long and much needed break for and also of studying and final examinations, I am ready to post again daily. I will focus on maps when I have the available technology and datum. But I will also be going through various JavaScript tutorials, more or less. Returning fully tomorrow. Best.


Sometimes there are moments in life when you to mourn. Loss isn’t something that we inherently know how to cope with, nor is it something that can be taught beyond physical reaction. How am I supposed to feel? Am I feeling too much? Am I not feeling at all? How are others feeling? Until you realise how powerful it is that you can feel, and you just sort of stop for a second and let that sink in. How does one deal with grief? It’s not something readily understood, even by soldiers who have fought a thousand battles– it will always be hard. Are we to express our grievances every day at every moment because how dare you continue living, continue feeling. But that’s not practical or productive, but that mindset is not respectful. I want to say that I’m strong, I want to be able to think of fond memories, but I keep finding myself drowning in regret. I notice now, I want to talk now, I want to be there now. But I’m just too late.