a growing draft

  • City Planning
    • Introduction
      • Brief overview of city planning
        • Why do we have this?
        • What forms does this come in?
      • How has food been considered in city planning? Has it?
      • How has urban living transformed our interaction with food?
        • From cradle to car
      • Thesis:
    • Topic One: The City
      • MAP: What does a city look like?
        • SF
      • Where are the people? Where is the food? Is food accessible?
      • Solutions to redesigning a city
        • Dealing with Space: parks, walls & roofs
          • Sustainable landscape architecture
        • How do People Eat?
          • Where is this food coming from? Is there a way we can design the city so they get it from the city & not from wherever the city got it?
        • Stop designing for the car
    • Topic Two: The Suburb
      • MAP: What does a suburb look like?
        • The Grid
        • San Ramon?
        • What are the plots of land? Is land/commons freely available?
      • Solutions to redesigning
        • Know Your Neighbours: raising a village
        • The Plants of Playgrounds: starting with children
        • Group Gardens
    • Conclusion
      • Restate thesis
      • Call to Action, immediate benefit & other ways to contribute
        • Grow your own garden
        • Teach your kids how to cook

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