If it isn’t obvious, I’m awful at this whole “post once a day” and I certainly lack the tenacity to be self-reflective daily. I think about this blog every day, especially the days that I don’t post. I’m no saint though, I have also succumbed to watching a season of House of Cards and cooking a majority of my dinners to take up most of my time. But I do at least try to think of something new to post, to synthesise, to teach perhaps; yet again and again, I am at a lost. But in these moments of absence, I have been learning at least something. What exactly, I will draw out in latter posts.

I have, however, been able to think about my geography thesis. And I really do mean think about it. I’ve got a premise, a history, a literal vision, an idea, a developing thesis and, most of all, a great support system for its progression. I’ll write something of an skeletal outline later today–promise.


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