physical geography: connecting maps & ideas

Geography is a very interdisciplinary field by nature (haha!). The reason why I like maps so much is because it visualises and connects the other phenomena that I’m passionate about. Maps give life and meaning to the concepts I know are interrelated. They make a great communicative device as well.

My upcoming examination is in geomorphology. That’s a really fancy way of saying of saying how our landscapes form through endogenic and exogenic processes. Endogenic processes involve geo-related events, eg plate tectonics, volcanoes, etc. Exogenic processes encompass external factors, like precipitation, glaciers, rivers, etc.

This is a really interesting bitcon-looking runoff rate map map, divided by what appears to be states/territories within a state. So let me pitch something kinda crazy with this map. Runoff rate is the Look at the northern hemisphere, look at the southern hemisphere. The planning term “Global South” often categorises third world and developing countries, as they tend to be in the Southern Hemisphere. The Global North being developed countries that tend to reside in the Northern Hemisphere. From this map alone, one could argue that the runoff rate and county development is related. How? Precipitation for agriculture? Accompanying flora? Although I can’t say for certain, I think this is a good example of at least being able to depict spatial and social-spatial patterns.


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